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TX Receive Band Noise

TX Receive Band Noise Spec Explained As with any circuit, a TX comes with two basic impairments: distortion and noise. Some of these fall very close to the signal band, get transmitted out of antenna, and cause emissions in adjacent channels measured as ACLR. And some of these fall a little far away from signal […]

Phase Noise Integration in ACLR

Estimate Noise Contribution in TX ACLR A TX is required to comply with Spectral Mask which basically says you cannot transmit x amount of power outside of your given frequency band. As with everything in life, TX is not ideal and ends up spilling some power in adjacent bands which is measured as ACLR. This […]

Print Noise Summary to a File in Cadence

Print Noise Summary to a File in Cadence When netlist of your circuit is too big, printing noise often crashes Cadence and it gets too slow in loading results, going to print window etc. Instead, we can just directly print noise summary to a file without needing to go to maestro itself. Here is how […]