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TX IQ Mixer

TX Quadrature Mixer

TX IQ Mixer We want to upconvert our baseband signal, (omega_{bb}) , to an RF frequency, (omega_{lo}+omega_{bb}). The easiest and probably the only way alive of doing so is to multiply (omega_{bb}) signal with (omega_{lo}) signal. This works and generates two sidebands, (omega_{lo}+omega_{bb}) & (omega_{lo}-omega_{bb}). But in almost all of the applications today, you just […]

TX HRM Mixer

TX HRM Mixer Your mixer has two frequencies going in, (omega_{bb}) and (omega_{lo}), and you desire only one frequency coming out, (omega_{lo}+omega_{bb}). With the risk of stating the obvious, that is not what happens in real world. Your mixer outputs a lot more trash than you would have ever imagined. Some of it lies far […]

TX Mixer

TX double sideband mixer

TX Mixer Consider a typical TX with DAC (digital to analog converter), BBF (baseband filter and/or amplifier) and MIX (mixer) as shown in image below. Say DAC outputs a sinusoid signal. Let’s do some math to see what happens to the signal when it makes it to the TX output. $$ DAC,(t): Vcos(omega_{bb},t)$$ This signal […]