ACLR Simulation in Cadence

ACLR Simulation in Cadence

ACLR Simulation in Cadence with MultiTones  Envelope transient (ET) is a usual method to simulate ACLR with modulated input signals aka waveforms. We simulate circuit performance with same waveforms (little wishful) that we are going to transmit, and whatever ACLR comes out of that, that is it, we optimize ACLR directly with given waveforms. However, […]

Phase Noise Integration in ACLR

Estimate Noise Contribution in TX ACLR A TX is required to comply with Spectral Mask which basically says you cannot transmit x amount of power outside of your given frequency band. As with everything in life, TX is not ideal and ends up spilling some power in adjacent bands which is measured as ACLR. This […]

TX ACLR Breakdown

TX ACLR TX is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) block in RFIC design, and ACLR is one of the key TX design spec. ACLR is a measure of out-of-band distortion (and noise) that leaks to the neighboring band. While IM3 is a great test for distortion, it leaves a lot to be desired […]